The Opening Event of the Studio Gallery’s new exhibition space:

Opening: 4th September 2007 7 PM
On view: 29th September 2007 Tuesday – Friday: 4-8 PM Saturday: 12-4 PM

Exhibition of the 2006 Studio prize winners
Lilla Khoor – Will Potter and Marta Racz

In 2006, the award of the Studio Gallery, the Studio Award was won by Márta Rácz and the Lilla Khoór- Potter Will artist duo. The prize that has been existing for decades, is joined with a bounty. Lacking the finances, in 2006, we gave the winners an opportunity to exhibit in the Studio’s new space as a bonus to the prize. The opening of the 4th September exhibition does not only stand for this high-level prize, but an introduction of the Studio’s new, Rottenbiller street exhibition space.

Márta Rácz works in many genres, she showed videos, installations and paintings as well. However, the piece in the exhibition belongs to the line of works that was born from literature, an encounter of the art of the words and fine arts. The artist redefines the systematic order of the written world, the book, and thus endowing it with a new denotation-layer. These layers are the books, surfacing after deconstruction of found objects, and despite the often drastic physical alteration and appropriation, the inner spiritual essence remains.

Lilla Khoór and Will Potter have been working together for some time now; their intermedial art is pervaded by social sensitivity. They often reflect politics and the position of power manifested in social relations. Their works are usually monumental installations, which prevail in big spaces, often come together through multiple screens’ happenings. The installation, titled Ectoplasm that is displayed in this exhibition, they analyse the social value the picture through -out of the 20th and 21st century picture-making mechanisms- the photograph.

The Studio of Young Artists’ Association has been an exhibiting space with determining significance in the contemporary Hungarian artistic life since the eighties, where always newer and newer generations’ most talented artists are able to have their first individual exhibition. The exhibitions display new works that consider the gallery’s features, thus the Studio helps the creation of the new works. By bringing the different functions and activities into one space, it is possible for a contemporary art center to emerge that suits the Studio’s progressive and innovative image. From now on, the interested can have a look into the artistic production’s different stages from the creation of the pieces to professional talks in the Studio, in one place.