Strategies of a Balance – exhibition of Anna Szigethy

Opening at 7 pm, 27 May 2008, Barbecue & Merguez & Bossa

On view till 21 June 2008

In my videoinstallations and series of photos in this exhibition I build ordinary, everyday materials and objects like pieces of oilcloth, travelling bags and plastic place mats together with my videos and images, which, in this plastic milieu would acquire a totally different meaning from a detached, theoretically pure perception of them “as films” or “as photos”. The sometimes ironical, sometimes playful frame itself is a possible source of new meanings for the images, balancing, refining or strengthening their tone respectively. I’ve long been collecting and using kitschy plastic objects, I like to contrast and even clash them in my projects with non-everyday situations for a colloquial and easy impression and as a source of humour, but also as symbols of reality around us. Sometimes it is as kitchy as that where we live, where we go shopping or entertain ourselves, it is this kitchy world that surrounds us in our everyday lives, still, in these very same situations we often happen to witness much more emotional or dramatic moments than we’d have expected. This ubiquitous mingling of qualities informs the urban space as well as our surfing on the internet or among the TV channels for certain pages and programmes, commercials and contents sensible or sentimental, kitschy or classy. The reverse perspective of the installations will take us first to the big wallpaper; it is the plastic depths of the sea that we sense first where the only “serious” content, the video is hidden. We need to enter the space behind this decorative surface, we need to go as near as possible so as to be able to see and hear the films. The fragments and snapshots I’ve chosen for the films and the photoseries had been offered and often stolen moments, private and public, during my nomadic journeys in recent years and have been put together to enter into conflict with each other, with the decorative element ever complementing them in the background.