Reloading – Technical Renaissance

Opening: 18. March 2008. Tuesday 6pm

“Yesterday once more”
vinil 99 SZABO ESZTER Agnes aka Mada
remix 08 CSATO Mate live act

On view: 29. March 2008.

Exhibitioning artists: ANTAL Balazs, ASZTALOS Zsolt, CSEKE Szilard, DENES Agnes Dora – NAVRATIL Judit, GARAMI Richard, HALASZ Peter, HATHAZI Laszlo, HORVATH Tibor, ISKI KOCSIS Tibor, KISSPAL Szabolcs, KOKESCH Adam, KOMLOVSZKY-SZVET Tamas, KOTUN Viktor Lajos, ORBAN Gyorgy, RUTKAI Bori, SARKADI Nagy Balazs

Curator: Gabor Kerekes

As in the time of the renaissnance, and nowadays as well, the intermediality of art is really important because it obliterates the boundaries and borders of genres.

The permanent retro waves after the postmodern turn are redefining and uniting techinicism, sociological approaches and art. Contemporary artists are reflecting on their social environment not only with art, but with music, installation and somehow the fetish of the technique.

The “craft” factor of this exhibition is double layered, and tries to overwrite the usual connotation of the word, because the exhibiting artists are using “not up to date” techniques to formally exploit them and to use it redefining the logic of making intermediate art.
The exhibition is the part of the Reneissance Year 2008 Hungary and the Spring Festival Budapest.