Real simulation Exhibition of Péter Tamás Halász

Opening: 6 June 2006

On view: 24 June 2006

Opening speech: Péter Fuchs, aesthete

Real simulation is the reality of simulation – our everyday life in the total hegemony of the media. According to Baudrillard’s description of the representational principle of the consumer society the image does not have any relationship with reality, it is its own sheer simulacrum. The structures and objects of human environment, from the smallest to the largest ones, are mostly designed in CAD (Computer Aided Design) system. First the computerised 3D representation was modelled upon the material world, but now the material world is getting assimilated to the idiosyncratic universe of computer design. The two does not map each other but they get blurred in the play of modelling. The disembodied mathematical (structural) counterpart of the objects can always be retextured as you wish. Anything can be anything, anyone can be anyone.
Péter Halász creates forms that reflect on the methods of computerized 3D modelling. His works exhibited in the Studio Gallery are exploring the question what role the surface-texture plays in the interpretation of an object, and how this meaning changes as the surface is replaced.

Supporters: National Cultural Fund, HUNGART, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Committee of the General Assembly of Budapest