Proving Grounds – solo exhibition of Csaba Kis Róka

Vernissage: 13th October 2009.
On view till: 7th November 2009.
Opening speech: Márió Nemes Z. poet, critic

On the first solo exhibition of Csaba Kis Roka – with the title “Proving grounds” – a selection of his new works can be seen in the Studio Gallery. Csaba Kis Róka was graduated as a painter at the University of Fine Arts in 2007. He built up a fully coherent art universe within only a few years, due to his consequent creative method.

The trademark of Kis Róka’s unique art is the special motive-system which is based on the obsessive recurrent themes and creatures. These are providing an inexhaustible formal variation frame for the artist’s creation method, which can be at the same time visionary and strictly realistic.

The visual inspirations of Kis Róka’s paintings are equally the baroque hunting scenes, vanitases, rococo pastorals, as well as the different visible marks of subcultures based on metal music, and the brutal visions of the slasher horror movies. The artist dements his own precise, academic studies based qualification, with sickening scenes arising of his psycho-patologic interest. The classical genres are pressed through the filter of these paintings; lately also pet-portraits and blockhouses can be found in the dreary Arcadian landscapes. There are such themes belonging to the artist’s morbid classicism, as the historical painting, which meaning is again spiced and refereed through his painting’s cavalryman and rascal creatures.

Kis Róka avoids the charge of the for its sake visual onanism by his ironic painting method. His works are based on special ageless visual tropes. Due to these, the meanings on his paintings take a 180 degree turn, when the articulation of the classicism rooted forms conflicts with the theme induced choreography. Kis Róka sets the mixed, mutant creatures of his own bestiary, and his obsessively repeated bearded man into the foreground of an Arcadian landscape. These creatures are executed or put in different sickening poses.

Csaba Kis Róka had already group exhibitions in his hometown Székesfehérvár, and in several galleries of Budapest; like Ernst Museum, Studio Gallery, Művész Pince, and Kogart. His paintings were also exhibited abroad, in Belgrad, in Swäbisch Gmünd, in Wien and in the Czech Klatovy. In 2005 -as a DAAD scholarshiper- he studied in Georg Winter’s class at the Akademie der Bildenden Künsten in Nürnberg, in 2008 he won Derkovits Gyula scholarship.

/Áron Fenyvesi/