OE “If we are so good why aren’t we better” – Sugár János

Opening: 28 March 2006

On view till : 7 April 2006

OE “If we are so good why aren’t we better”

(To dip an exhibition as litmus into the context, or otherwise: to set the alarm for years in advance – it is a provocative and a self-harmful gesture: it tests the reception, and at the same time, renders the work defenceless on purpose. From the present point of view the first exhibition-incarnation, early in the eighties, is like a sentence embedded in a different text. Behind the sentence the text then frays away, the context that was alien, even initially, fades, but the words later – in ten, then again ten year’s time – in a different setting are ready to absorb and deliver new meanings and so they are placed in new texts again and again.)

In 1986, without reason, almost automatically I decided despite the obvious circumstances, to overestimate the significance of my exhibition at the Studio Gallery, and consider it as something that would have importance later. I wanted a point of reference for a future occasion, so I tried to give the maximum possible signal from that present. As if for some reason right then and there, in 1986, in the middle of slackness, taking a journey from the second publicity to the margin of the first one, the maximum had to be provided. I could not conceive of it otherwise than as a maximum difference from the present, I intended to condense into it all I didn’t know, that could be the most interesting from the past for the future. I was concerned with the question how far it is possible to diverge from present.

(And there’s no guarantee, that it doesn’t remain a divergence in the future too. The extraposition of meaning is like space debris: it floats in the space for an unforeseeable amount of time before it is discovered, and even then it isn’t sure that there’s anything to do with it.)

Exhibition of János Sugár
1986, 1996, 2006 – Studio Gallery, Budapest
(text: János Sugár, Nikolett Erőss)