Nicolas Boone and Loretno Martinez Troncoso: WELCOME BACK

Opening: 6 January 2004

On view till: 31 January 2004


Six pm. It is rush hour at the Studio Gallery in Budapest. People stand in the entrance way holding their guitars, they came for the opening of the exhibition WELCOME BACK. Nicolas Boone shouting in a megaphone (as usual) invites them to come in and sign on the list of the bands that play unique songs this night : some were contacted by the artist, while others saw an ad in the local newspaper Pestiest : ” look for rock bands, please call… “. WELCOME BACK apparently stands for the return of Rock’n Roll : tremendous amount of tracts are given away to the crowd or thrown in the air : “after techno Rock’n Roll” , “Goulash and Rock’n Roll” , “no fun to be alive” all covered with drawings such as DICK CUNT FUCK or other graffiti. The text on the invitation card suggests some outrageous night is going to take place. Beer cans sold at the bar are thrown on the floor with wine bottles, Unicum and local spirits brought by guests who expected to see a concert or a show or a contemporary art opening for some.
“Is the Spanish girl Rock’n roll”. The Spanish girl is Loreto Martinez Troncoso, who turns out to be a rock’n roll star tonight. She does her show inbetween each band questionning the spectators about their being here and about art in general. She apologizes for her English being so poor but she doesn’t seem to make any effort to improve it : her spanish accent is part of her charms. She sings, she drinks Unicum, she counts in English showing a ” nothing to see ” tattoo; she is sorry but she won’t show her tits tonight. Finaly, she raises a big sausage that she says to be Nicolas Boone’s penis and she devours it all raw.
The rock bands come and go. One after another they take out their instruments, tune their guitars, heat up, and when they are finaly ready, they play one song and leave (it is the rule). Nicolas Boone announces the next one, Loreto Martinez Troncoso jumps on the microphone and the band has to leave the stage – kind of fustrating. This is spectacle, entertainment like we see on tv but obviously it is no rock concert that is organised tonight. People come to experience some rock’n roll atmosphere with real musicians, rockers in the audience, broken tables, flying cans, fights with knives and a rock star who chews chicken feet. With WELCOME BACK the artists suggest a possible return of rock’n roll, they also found a clever way to fill up the gallery for the opening. Rock’n Roll is dead, it is being resucitated