Nem mi voltunk! Crew – Parent Meeting

We would like to introduce in the Stúdió Gallery the art group Nemmivoltunk! Crew which was formed in 2009 by six young studying arists.

The exhibition is based on visual set designs which are typical from primary school.  School situations and environments, usually familiar to children, are set in the adult world by the Nemmivoltunk! Crew in their „Parent Meeting” exhibition. This creates a strangely uncomfortable, bizarre situation.  The main ingredient of the installation, filling the entire gallery space, is irony, at once deliberate and surreptitious. Within it are drawings, sculptures, and videos, as well as smaller, hidden doodles on school desks or the pages of textbooks.

The adorably evil drawings of Pista Horror, the concrete sculptures of Márton Emil Tóth and the videos of Máté Fillér – which recounts the „tragic” and sudden termination of the Dragon Ball cartoon series – are all born of the typical experiences of the generations born before the fall of Communism. Textbooks, being the most typical component of education, appears frequently in the exhibition. At the same time as illustrations inspired the prints of Csaba Czékmán, so Ottó Szabó transformed his own old textbooks. From the context of the exhibition – although at first seeming closed – many works have opened towards the contemporary. For instance, the videos of János Brückner document the recent closing of the Éva Janikovszky School, which close to the Stúdió Gallery.  The Nemmivoltunk! Crew’s first fanzine was created for this exhibit, within which are the members’ sketches, tracings, and collages.

After the summer break, the reopened Stúdió Gallery space, filled with textbooks, school desks, and raffles, awaits visitors for the art-group’s „installation experience exhibition.”

Group’s website:

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