MANÉ&MONÉ – Exhibition of Ádám Szabó and Dezső Szabó

Collaborative exhibition of Ádám Szabó and Dezső Szabó

Opening: 13th May, 2010, 7pm
On view till: 8th June 2010

The title of the exhibition, Mané&Moné reflects to the phenomena, when the works of similarly called artists from the same period of art are also analogous. That kind of pair is Ádám Szabó and Dezső Szabó. Beside Manet and Monet; Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth could be also noted for the above mentioned coincidence; they are not only using the same medium, moreover, they both are the members of the Düsseldorf School. We have to note, that these kind of coincidences can be seductive. The differences might seem irrelevant for a superficial beholder, although they are not.

The playfully titled exhibition emphasizes the parallel elements in the works and in their process. The sketches, documents, photo works, videos and sculptures will be installed, like they could have been produced by one artist. The exhibition is not only a collective project, but also a selection, based on the similarity of the works of two independent artists, and as the name of the Studio Gallery suggests, would like to act on the studio/atelier ambiance.

The dialogue between Ádám Szabó and Dezső Szabó is continuous, since they have spent together a scholarship in Rome at the Hungarian Academy. Especially the process-works (documentations of the artworks’ creation process) talk about this cooperation.

Ádám Szabó made many sculpture-video installations, which were composed of a short animation from the photos taken of the various phases of making a sculpture. The animations are exhibited together with the sculptures. With title Work Station he took photo documentations of the studios, which were bungled by him for each work, which appeared as functional-installations.

Dezső Szabó is taking photos of modeled sceneries since 1997. The werk-photos were exhibited in 2007 at the Vintage Gallery, under the title: Process. In the last ten years these photos have become an independent whole. They are not only documentations anymore, but the result of a quasi-scientific research, which is investigating the problem of modelling a physical phenomena. These pictures -completed with sketches, sculptures and videos- are the basis of the current exhibition.

Sponsors: FKSE, NKA, Videospace