LOWER CASE LIFE – Solo exhibition of Judit Fischer

Vernissage: 27 January 2009, 8pm, Erhardt Miklós

On view till: 21 February 2009

At the center of Judit Fischer’s exhibition – as her whole art practice – stands the small things of our everyday background. We can meet things which could be similar to us, but these things was given another meaning by the artist’s pulling out on her water-colour paintings.

The gauds and whatnots are belong to the artist’s art-inspiration. Her art could be defined as the lyre of the mini-details. The framework of her substantive exhibition was constituted by water-colour paintings, which were complemented by photos and thing-installations. Her art’s basic field of activity is an individual humorous conceptuality. Her little, incorporeally hovering topics blur the punctuality of the representation. The simple, straightforward and clear-out expressions is typify her works. The face of the aquarell-paper, which is frequently used by her, functioned as an airstrip for her facile and crushing ideas. These pull-outed things even so their small size, they were enlarged and enucleated the ’whiteness’ of the paper, and in front of the paper’s neutral background she make flap the pull-outed and represented things. She close off the ambience and spatial context of her topics, by this the thing or the set-up of things appeared in the works become impotant.

Judit Fischer is a young Derkovits-exhibitioner. She’s appeared in group exhibitions in the Műcsarnok, the Trafó Gallery, the Ernst Museum, the Liget Gallery and the Studio Gallery. In 2008, the Studio of Young Artists Assosiation awarded her the junior-grade of the Herczeg Klára prize shared with Miklós Mécs. Judit Fischer is a founder and ’president’ of the World Assosiation of Artists Painting Mouth and Brains. The exhibition settled in the Studio Gallery is her first bigger substantive exhibition.

The artist’s web page: http://fischerjudit.blogspot.com