István Csákány – Working Title

Opening: 6 September 2005

On view: 23 September 2005

On the occasion of István Csákány’s project, WORKING TITLE, the classical exhibition space of Studio Gallery undergoes radical metamorphosis.
Taking as a starting point the interpretation – or reinterpretation – of his social role as an artist a creator, he has inspiringly managed to arrive at an ambitious installation for this solo exhibition, into which he has organically embedded that performative character which he spared from his process-oriented creative method.
His artwork entitled “The artist as building contractor” is a piece of brick and concrete road, rolling on wheels. The antecedent of this object is a real garden path he had constructed as a contractor. All six workers called for the job were artists by profession. By this gesture Csákány reinterpreted everyday labour and transformed it into an art project.
The photographic documentation of the original road and its construction will also be exhibited besides the “road object”.
The architectural malpractice” is a space-specific installation, created through the preparation of the gallery’s floor by constructing a new surface above the original, which fits completely into the environment. The artist creted hidden faults in the “false” floor, which, according to his intentions, should give rise to a unique spatial experience and trigger “tripping reflexes” in the visitors. However, these “faults” in the floor were created by careful architectural designing in the workshop of Péter Lukács architect, the owner of the garden path. Reception of the artwork is only possible in a tactile, dynamic way.

Sponsors: National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Cultur, HUNGART,
Cultural Committee of the Budapest General Assembly