Insignificant – the collection

Veronika Romhány’s solo exhibition
15. May 2012 – 12. June 2012
Opening: 15. May 2012

Veronika Romhány transforms and restructures worn out and forgotten objects, materials. She concentrates on the micro-world that surrounds her; on insignificant, ordinary, common, unused, passive things.

Spiritual content, thoughts, anxieties, inner frustrations manifest in these half-ready-mades: they carry the imprints of the inner and outer world. However, it is not an aim for them to convey symbols or allegories; at best, they confront us with the contradiction between the organic environment, and our own static and artificial state of being. Due to them being unnecessary, invaluable and unusable, they are vulnerable, their existence is uncertain. It is emphasised by their position: close to the plane of the wall, which makes them literally dependent of the wall of the exhibition-space.

The contemplation of insignificant objects is a defence-mechanism and (self)-irony with Romhány. It is a highly significant aspect that they can’t be repeated and they are invaluable. The music and the following sacral program at the opening (such as Orbán György: Cor Mundum) will stand as a counterpoint to the ordinary materials and theme.

Location: Studio Gallery, 35. Rottenbiller str. Budapest