Imagine the Law

Imagine the Law

The exhibition – Imagine the Law – seeks to identify positions in which art can actively be influencing, challenging and reshaping our legal and economic system. The exhibition will examine through presenting works by Israeli, German, Dutch, and Hungarian artists, methods, ideas and concepts that can be shared by law and art, and the possible interaction that they may have or that could be established.

The motivation is to introduce art as an active body of thoughts and actions that walks along the intersections of rational and irrational, truth and illusion and between fiction and reality. The power of imagination inherent to the arts, possess a capability to infuse new perceptions and practical methods into our legal and economic systems and challenge conflicting boundaries.

‘Imagine the Law’ calls for an exploration of the arts in close relevance to the law. Just as feminist and literature scholars allowed for a new critical examination of the law, the exhibition proposes an exploration of the law by art theories and art activities. Can art offer an opportunity for new conceptualization of the legal system through visual, performance and sound?

Now may be the time to bring to the front the power of imagination in order to push towards reshaping and reconstruction of our legal systems. Hopefully, by doing so, we will be able to successfully confront existing legal systems where they have failed to provide appropriate interpretations and answers to crucial political, social and economic situations.

Exhibiting artists:

Yael bartana (IL/NL), Brückner János (H), The city Artist (IL)Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento (USA), Nemes Csaba (H), Public Movement (IL), Malkit Shoshan, (IL/NL), Jonas Staal (NL), (H), Shira Wachsmann (D), Hans winkler (D)

Opening: 7 April 2013, 7PM

Opened by: Judit Sándor, JD., LLM, Ph.D., Professor at the Central European University

On view until: 3 May, 2013