HYDRAGOOD – Panni Bodonyi, Camilla Englund, Judit Navratil


Opening: 18th October 2011 at 6 pm

Open to view till: 19th October 2011 – 12th November 2011

Opening speech: Mónika Zsikla, art-historian

The first joint exhibition of Panni Bodonyi, Camilla Englund and Judit Navratil sketches a mysterious and endlessly personal world, in which the central element is water In this world, the appearing fairytale-like animals, illuminating wonder-baits, imagined sea creatures and live pedicure-fishes are all equal. Among the different creatures, there lies the mysterious world of an untold story, which is possible and unrealistic at the same time, and which the visitors – symbolically and actually – unavoidably join.  Lounging by the lakeside, re-energizing, while a story blossoms forth about the deep sea treasure: the bathtub drain.

In the Hydragood world the water itself has a soul.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese water researcher experimentally proved that the most diverse feelings, thoughts, musical phrases are able to alter the fundamental structure of water.  Moreover, not only does it transform structurally, but according to present environmental research, it is also the best information holding material.  Beyond the fact that we depend on it, we are able to affect it and this completely responsible, polyphonic relationship binds us all.  And what would happen if this neutral material would just once be poisoned and these miraculous crystal structures would collapse?  Maybe a sea Titan – like a 20th century horseman of the Apocalypse – would be able to prevent the greatest drama of the blue planet?

Panni Bodonyi, Camillia Englund and Judit Navratil perspectives seek possible answers to these and similar questions from different. Ms. Navratil directs our attention towards life’s most basic values via the imaginary, colorful – and steadily more anthropomorphic – creatures for which she has become familiar.  Ms. Englund integrates the autonomy of tie dye techniques into her personal perspective by reflecting the ductile nature of water in the creation of her newest work.  Ms. Badonyi’s works, through the endlessly lovable world of images of essential illustrations within her children’s books, bring us closer to the stories of the Hydragood blue planet.