Gallery by Night 2008

Webpage of the event:

Studio of Young Artists Association (HU) // Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA (CZ) // Make-Up Collective (SK)

1-11 November 2008, each night from 8pm in the Studio Gallery (1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller u. 35) + in the hall*

Opening speach by Áron Fenyvesi  (HU)

1st of November  – Tomáš Džadoň (SK) – Csákány István (HU)

2nd of November – Jiří Thýn (CZ) – Fodor János (HU)

3rd of November – Kassa Boys (Radovan Čerevka, Tomáš Makara, Peter Vrábeľ) (SK) – Mécs Miklós (HU)

4th of November- Eva Koťátková (CZ) – Szörényi Beatrix (HU)

5th of November – Jaroslav Kyša (SK) – Halász Péter (HU)

6th of November- Mark Ther (CZ), Dominik Lang (CZ)*

7th of November – Svetlana Fialová (SK) – Fischer Judit (HU)

8th of November – Eugenio Percossi (I) – Keserue Zsolt (HU)

9 th of November – Boris Sirka (SK) – Borsos-Lõrinc Lilla (HU)

november 10 – Amande In (F) – Huszár Andrea (HU)

november 11 – Ivan Svoboda (CZ) – Rácz Márta (HU)

Organiser: Júlia Vécsei  (HU)

Since 1991, the Studio Gallery and the Studio of Young Artists Association hosts yearly the exhibition-series called Gallery by Night. For 11 days, the Studio Gallery opens at 20.00 and the visitors can see different works of artists and art-groups designed for this occasion. During the past years of Gallery by Night lots of artists got in work-relationships with each other because of this event – as their works for the night-time exhibitions were realised in cooperation. Artists can experiment through Gallery by Night with the neccessary dialogical forms of art, and with the visitors as well, because at these exhibitions their role is also unique and unrepeatable.

Gallery by Night 2008 is a cooperation between 3 institutions –the Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA from Prague, Make-up Collective from Kosice, and the Studio of Young Artists Association from Budapest. Gallery by Night was previously also an outcome of international cooperation. The two partners of Studio of Young Artists Association proposed artists for the one-night exhibitions, the Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA seven – czech, slovak, italian and french artists, who all live in Prague ­-, The Make-up Collective three slovak artists and an art-group. The Gallery by Night also has hungarian participants who exhibit throughout the 11 nights in pairs with the international artists.

The artists of the central-european young scene are part of the same cultural context, but they don’t really exhibit, or show their works together. The Studio of Young Artists Association’s aim is that hungarian, czech and slovak artists show themselves on a common platform, and to strenghten the professional relationships with each other. The exhibition-series emphaises cooperation and the initiation of dialogues: creation of collective works, installations and situations. The perspectivical aim of this event is to initiate a long-term cooperation between institutions of the 3 bordering countries.

Partner institutions:

Futura –

Make-up Collective –

Main Supporteer: International Visegrad Fund

Supporters: Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Hungart, Cseh Centrum, Holdudvar Gallery