FORM Exhibition by Hajnalka Tarr

Opening: 5 december 2006

On view:  22 december 2006

Although our visceral yearning for understanding the ultimate nature of things can be eased a bit from time to time, it is a basic element that is inevitably attached to human life. The above desire will always be only a background noise until our understanding of the things that surround us go beyond being a mere intellectual knowledge, thus get converted into an “absolute”, inner experience. On the occasion of my first solo exhibition and as the result of this research, a sandpit is installed in Studio Gallery, together with some specially formed shapes that anybody can try.

Playing in the sandpit is probably the most widely spread, most common and simplest game – and at the same time it expresses exactly what happens to us in life, both internally and externally. On the one hand, playing in the sandpit means experiencing the forms reality can take, and on the other hand it implies the experience of the constant changes these forms are subjected to. Sand as a substance is in itself the result of permanent transformation and change, since its small grains can be even billion years old. Sand has no beginning and no end, and the forms shaped from it present rather the principle of “as well” than that of “either-or”. The approach built on duality (here and there, beginning and ending, etc.) only seemingly helps us orientate ourselves, it dissolves and the state of being in transition, the process-situation is brought to the focus.

For me as an artist the unconditional faith in forms and the interpretation of forms play a special role: In my works I use objects and situations which we usually trust without any reservation, which we are used to. Working with these trustworthy forms I try to create situations where the trust loosens and although we interpret and re-interpret the same situation, the possibility of reinterpretation becomes more important than the interpretation itself.

TThis installation is interactive and “interpassive” at the same time – and everybody is welcome!