Emerging Adulthood


14th September – 14th October 2016.

Exhibiting artists: István Antal, Judit Lilla Molnár, Sándor Dávid Papp, Hajnalka Tulisz
Curator: Ferenc Margl
Opening speech: András Szakács, political analyst

The psychological term of the title describes the difficulties of the young people in the age of 18-25, technically at the doorsteps of the adulthood.
The fundament of the exhibition are this specific term and more generally the crucial experience that the earlier learned rules and systems are not necessarily valid in forthcoming period of life. Skills like the re-writing of the (game) rules become essential as well as the adaptation to new systems and a constant awareness towards the ever changing surroundings. It’s escaping, unbounding, and becoming an adult. These experiences are also related with the loss of trust between the ones who play the game and the others who shape the rules. Familiar structures lose their patterns and forces to adapt, while facing with the unsustainability of the game.
This above mentioned life experience, which is usually bounded to the completing of the higher education, related to the fading of the protective mechanisms of the childhood, like the support of the family or the government. This shift put to test the soft skills and the not the lexical knowledge which was taught at the many levels of the education; and the constantly changing institutional, legal and social boundaries are prolonging this state of not being able to become adult. This is a fundamental experience for the twentysomethings of our society, so also for the exhibiting artists of the show.

Photo: Attila Lakatos