Draw your Money – Roland Farkas


Roland Farkas: Draw your Money

Studio Gallery | November 16th – December 10th, 2011
Opening: November 15th 2011, 7 p.m. |opening performance by Ferenc Sebő

Many years ago, Meyer Saphiro argued in favor of the idea that there is a radical difference between art’s commercial and intellectual value, and warned us that in case of liquidating this, it could lead to a serious value crisis. Today, in international arts, commercial value is gradually taking over the intellectual values; moreover, sometimes it seems that it determines them. Being able to measure the exact monetary value replaced the esthetical, ethical, cognitive, emotional and moral value system of the arts. Money can be defined existentially better than the arts; the first guaranteeing the latter’s value. Because in the modern world, money is the common ground, the general medium of exchange, even though it represents only a symbolical value in the physical world, it still functions indefinitely, because people believe in it based on a sort of mutual, confidential agreement.
Currently in our late capitalist society, during the pounding world crisis, it is undoubtedly visible that the justification of the moral values is increasingly overshadowed, and the economical value system proves to be the most important. Parallel with this, the ongoing crisis’ unpredictability forces us to formulate more and more questions. In recent years, one result of this is that the number of contemporary artworks has increased that deal with money’s existence and its use from different points of view, by exploring, explaining and pursuing. Is it true, that lately money legitimizes the arts? Is it true, that the arts stand in the service of money? Does the absolute value, the essential explanation of the work of art truly lie in its price?

Roland Farkas focused on this common ground – this piece of paper that became “magical” – for his exhibition. In the exhibition space, two works can be seen: the video installation, called Change, and the Draw your Money, which is a project that recycles “cleaned” banknotes in situ. Part of the exhibition is the LED display that can only be read from the street side, which tries to lure visitors in, by exploiting the communicational value of money.
The latest works of the artist proceed from deflation and going against economical logic. In the space of the Studio Gallery, we meet a frontal financial context, for which the wider surroundings provide the cultural and economical uncertainty’s top and bottom points of the truly visible support that was given by NKA (National Cultural Fund).
During the opening ceremony, the members of the audience can be active creators, maecenas’, players, and has the possibility to take part in the performance, which completes the exhibition. They will finish Roland Farkas’s works with the guidance of Ferenc Sebő, and will be able to take on the resistant artistic gesture (obviously) in exchange for money…

Roland Farkas’s main pursuit is to question artistic, as well as economical and political phenomena – for the sake of this cause, he dealt with those segments of society that were entrenched and its individual traditions countless of times. In the Draw your Money exhibition, he turns Andy Warhol’s known phrase inside-out masterfully: losing money is art, making other people work is art, and bad business is the greatest art of all!

Sári Stenczer