Do It to Be Good – Children’s squatted house model – Anikó Loránt and Tamás Kaszás

Opening: 18 September 2003

On view: 17 October 2003

On the occasion of their first individual exhibition, Anikó Loránt and Tamás Kaszás present a complex environment. By building in Studio Gallery completely, they get possession of all its spaces, which results in the change of the function of the exhibition space.
They consider the space of the gallery a squatted living space, which they wish to use and operate for their own purposes. According to the intention of the artists, the premises can be best associated with the base of a cultural, political or intellectual underground group. This “model” was borne out of the desire for the missing communal spaces. It wishes to fulfil its role through active operation, giving ground to open dialogue.
In their words: “We examine and compare scientific theories, spiritual experience, psychedelic experience, phenomena of art and social problems by various means. Since we do not regard theories as absolute truth, we only consider them important as ways of cognition. Thus, besides a few concrete suggestions, we primarily word questions that can be further thought about by the visitors themselves. We are interested in the duties of artists today, the means of effectively shaping our environment, and the way we could use artistic thinking for solving concrete problems and tasks.” Throughout the exhibition, the artists wish to stay as much as they can at the site, to continuously develop the exhibition, emphasising the functions of studio and communal space.