Crystal Clear Propaganda – The Transparent Method. Exhibition of Hajnal Németh

Vernissage: 24th March 2009 7pm
Introduction: János Sugár, artist
On view till: 18th April 2009.

The exhibition is constructed of a central sound installation accompanied by photographs and posters. The exhibition space is transformed into a space of political propaganda, where the agitating effect of music, flamboyant colours, pathetic poses and provocative sentences is immediately debunked: the 6 different versions of the Marseillaise emanating from the speakers are all off-key and the lyrics that sound French are in fact mostly out-and-out nonsense, and the texts on the emblematic posters of movements encourage spiritual, instead of political, rebellion.

Miming the original without actually knowing the tune or the lyrics, the recorded fake Marseillaise versions were sung by the people on the posters: Unfamiliar faces encouraging you to liberate yourself and not the country or the world. The work thus employs the model of political propaganda to make a point about metaphysical revolution involving the individual or ranging beyond the individual. The example of the revolution, however, is by no means a political statement; on the contrary: it is the parody of political statement through modelling the method of popularization.

/Self-serving enthusiasm that has no specific cause can be methodically guided and controlled, because it does not presuppose a transparency and rationalisation of its goals, the paths leading to those goals and the interests underlying them./