COLD WALL – a collective visual answer on fences and men

a project by Ferenc Gróf, Vladan Jeremić and Volodymyr Kuznetsov
taken care of by Róna Kopeczky

Opening: 7pm, 17th November, 2015


COLD WALL is a collective visual piece for 6 hands on the burning topic of fence-building, migration, and the international geopolitical interests lying behind them, leading to them and constantly reshaping the territories of war and peace.
The three invited artists, Ferenc Gróf (HU/FR), Vladan Jeremić (RS) and Volodymyr Kuznetsov (UA) have been dialoguing to imagine and realize together a common mural piece directly on the walls of the Studio of Young Artists’ Gallery as an ephemeral reflexion and reaction to an issue which has been, in the last months, the centre of a passionate, inflamed and Manicheist debate in Hungary, fed among other things by irritating official communication of facts by the Hungarian media, by the hypocritical discourses of the European Union, by the fear of the local population fed by populism and nationalism as well as by individual political ambitions veiled by the march towards national grandeur and the importance given to foreign policies.

Taking as a starting point the 175 kilometres long barbed wire fence first built on the border between Hungary and Serbia – and expanding since then to Croatia and Slovenia – the project attempts to broaden and open up the discourse in order to give a glimpse of the forest behind the tree, and this from three different perspectives and formal approaches. Ferenc Gróf’s contribution will be a typographic work focussing on the concept of “Fortress Europe” with references to Frontex, an agency established in 2004 to manage operational cooperation at the external border of the European Union member states. Vladan Jeremić will outline the anti-immigration political networks connecting Western and Eastern Europe, especially Germany and Hungary, through caricature-like drawings that became the distinctive trait of ArtLeaks. Volodymyr Kuznetsov will approach the topic through the metaphor of the flood and its multi-layered references in the Hungarian context with his typical expressive black and red painted scenes.

Ferenc Gróf (1972, Budapest) is an artist and teacher. He is graduate of the Hungarian Academy of the Arts, Budapest and has taught since 2012 at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA) in Bourges. His work considers ideological footprints, at the intersection of graphic design and spatial experiences. He is a founding member of the Parisian co-operative Société Réaliste – established in 2004 – whose work considers questions of contemporary political representations, ideological design, and text-based interventions. Société Réaliste’s recent solo exhibitions include: amal al-gam, acb Gallery, Budapest, 2014; Universal Anthem,, Cluj, 2013; A Rough Guide to Hell, P!, New York, 2013; Thelema of Nations, Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris, 2013; and empire, state, building, MNAC, Bucharest, 2012, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2012, and Jeu de Paume, Paris, 2011.
Ferenc Gróf lives and works in Paris.

Vladan Jeremić (1975, Belgrade) is artist and curator. He was born in 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he lives and works. In his artistic practice he researches the intersection between contemporary art and social activism and uses the mediums of drawing, text and video. Since 2002 he has been developing a joint artistic and curatorial practice with Rena Raedle which explores the overlapping space between art and politics. In their artistic work they focus on the social and economic conditions of reproduction. Jeremić is also co-founder of ArtLeaks and editor of the ArtLeaks Gazette. His recent exhibitions include: Mundus vadit retro, 2014, Kibla, Maribor; Red Winter at Deep Sites, 2014, LevArt, Levanger; To the Square 2, 2014, Perpetuum Mobile, Checkpoint Helsinki; Between Worlds II, 2013, Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb; Places of memory – Fields of vision, 2012, Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki; Absolute Democracy, 2012, Rotor, Graz; Oktobar XXX, 2012, 15. Pančevo Biennial, Serbia; The Housing Agenda, 2012, Cable Factory Gallery and Ateneum Museum, Helsinki and La maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille; Moving Forwards, Counting Backwards, 2012, MUAC, Mexico City. Vladan Jeremić lives and works in Belgrade.

Volodymyr Kuznetsov (1976, Lutsk) attended the department of art of Lviv Art Academy between 1999 and 2005. He is the co-founder of the Straight Line group, the Artistic Council, the CCCK – Center for Communication and Context, as well as the artist group R.E.P. (Revolutsijnyj Experymentalnyj Prostir / Revolutionary Experimental Space). He was and is still involved in Maidan and post-Maidan activities, such as assemblies and self-organized initiatives. He takes part in solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
In his practice, Volodymyr Kuznetsov is interested in topics which combine the private and the public, the old and the new, and in which different contexts and unexpected meanings are interlaced; He focusses on the aesthetics of everyday practices as well as on the presence of archaic in contemporary. He considers memory as a sort of experience and generates new concepts through personal and collective knowledge. Volodymyr Kuznetsov lives and works in Kiev.


Video – artmagazin online

Critique – Barcza Réka: Az ördög hozza a menekülteket, vérben úszik a Parlament.

Photo: Dávid Tóth