An Experience for Me – Exhibition by Erika Baglyas

Opening: 26 February 2002

On view till: 12 March 2002

The artist accomplished a perplexing performance (entitled as above) which she carried out again one week after the opening, on 5th March 2002. On display until 12th March 2002.

The young creative artist made her debut with a puzzling performance at her first individual exhibition in the gallery of the Studio of Young Artists Association, Stúdió Gallery. Through the metaphor of a human body set in a bare, sterile setting reminiscent of a research environment, she managed to sincerely graze the problems of identity, foreignness, communication and relationships.
Erika Baglyas: I am a foreign, yet familiar body set in a sterile environment. Nerve endings are insensitive, my body is but a disguise. Only those tissues live physically that are closest to my thoughts. I have no identity. I am not related to anyone; distanced from myself, I only pay attention to thinking. Every instance of movement is but a spontaneous, aimless dislocation, while the sounds of the body are legitimate manifestations. I am looking for the objective truth about myself. I imagine myself to be viewed by a foreign “me”
“According to Jabés, what is at stake here is whether one can, by means of an exercise, that is, through research and the pains of labour, or, in the end, through putting one’s own subjectivity at stake, manage to ‘become an alien’. It is not the alien that one should get to come closer, for the question is whether one can come up to her: thus one has to search within herself the means by which one can transform oneself into the Alien one is. How can we avoid falling, again and again, into identity. How can one avoid becoming the prey of an empty and all- devouring I.” Pier Alto Rovatti: The foreign I and the silence of the word